Stuff we love to do

To Make Your Day Extra Special

Client Login

We have Specially built customer login portal that allows all our clients to log on and view the pictures from their event with ease.

Custom Design

Our Mirrors are completely customisable from its frame to the amazing on-screen animations. We work closely with our clients to ensure every aspect of the mirror truly represents them or their event.

Unlimited Props

We unlike most companies we don't limit you to the number of props we supply you with, as we don't want to put any limitations on the amount of fun you can have.

7 Second Prints

If there are 21 people in the photo then we are printing 21 copies nobody gets left out and with a print speed of approx 7 secs per print, nobody will be waiting all night for that photo.

Unlimited Prints

Now there is nothing worse than having to be polite with friends at an event and sharing a photo from a photo booth well with most of our packages include unlimited prints.